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dc.contributor.editor Conoley, Gillian en
dc.date.accessioned 2013-08-22T18:44:24Z en
dc.date.available 2013-08-22T18:44:24Z en
dc.date.issued 2013 en
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10211.1/1743 en
dc.description VOLT was created in San Francisco in 1991. The journal was originally published by Pacific Film and Literary Association, a non-profit organization registered in California. VOLT is now housed at Sonoma State University. Innovative in design and content, VOLT publishes a range of adventurous writing. Founded and edited by Gillian Conoley, VOLT appears every fall. VOLT has received many awards and honors, including several Pushcart Prize Anthology selections, a Fund for Poetry grant, and several selections for the annual anthology, The Best American Poetry. VOLT is produced with the help of Assistant Editors Paula Koneazny and Marjorie Stein. en
dc.description.abstract Contents: Ralph Angel / Bright Example -- Ralph Angel / Holding You Sober Close To Me -- Ralph Angel / Conversation -- Ralph Angel / Fear of Death -- Atom Ariola / By Ease of the Unbroken, Written Backwards -- Micah Bateman / GESTURE -- Michael Berton / Chicanery -- Brian Blanchfield / Funny Loss of Face Brian Blanchfield / Rods and Cones -- Brian Blanchfield / Eclogue of Sig Alert on the Ten East -- Bruce Bond / A Brief Guide to Metaphysics -- James Nicholas Brook / Haïkus hatifs -- Christy Davids / [In City] -- Christy Davids / [White Ermine] -- Carol Ann Davis / Letter w. Plato’s Extrinsic Finality -- Thomas Doran / Sled Song -- Bailey Cox Duncan / Sepia -- Elaine Equi / SENTENCES AND RAIN -- Elaine Equi / ZUKOFSKY REVISION #2 -- Elaine Equi / BACKWARD GLANCE -- Elaine Equi / DO YOU THINK A PHOTOCOPY OF A SNOWFLAKE IS MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN THE ORIGINAL? -- Lisa Fishman / [A scarecrow grew by night in the field] -- Lisa Fishman / [Holding a bird you find almost no body under the wings] -- Lisa Fishman / [The book was open, with its double] -- Lisa Fishman / [Sun flew over] -- Stephanie Ford / Portrait with Instruments -- Stephanie Ford / True Survival Story -- Shamala Gallagher / Untitled (Blue Blackfruit) -- Emily Hostutler / Superstition or The Conductor -- Claudia Keelan / EN UN VERGIER SOTZ FUELLA D’ALBESPI -- Claudia Keelan / QUANT LO GILOS ER FORA -- Claudia Keelan / A L’ENTRADE DEL TENS CLAR -- Rebecca Lehmann / Westward Expansion -- Brian Lucas / Morning Stun -- Brian Lucas / Spools of Jeers -- Brian Lucas / Telepathic Bones -- Alessandra Lynch / mothers said -- Anthony Madrid / I AM YOUR SLAVE NOW DO WHAT I SAY -- Siwar Masannat / Pastoral Interview -- Kate Menzies / [From] Interviews With White -- Richard O. Moore / CHECK POINT -- Richard O. Moore / d e l e t e 7 -- Richard O. Moore /d e l e t e 9 -- Richard O. Moore / APART FROM IT -- Laura Mullen / Impossible Arrows -- Laura Mullen / Sestina -- Laura Mullen / Part -- Sara Mumolo / I can’t hide you—the rock cried out. -- Sara Mumolo / I never learn the language made for us all. -- Dusty Neu / Marimba Orchestra -- Dusty Neu / from i, slow expanse -- Ann Pelletier / EACH SEPARATE ANGUISH -- Anthony Robbins / WITCH HAZEL -- Carmen Giménez Smith / AM I JUST A BROWN-WINGED DOVE -- Cole Swensen / On Walks -- Ken Taylor / what part of my tattoo were you raised? -- Gale Marie Thompson / Cilantro Blue -- Gale Marie Thompson / Houdini Poem -- Erica Tom /what i learned en
dc.language.iso en_US en
dc.publisher Sonoma State University en
dc.subject poetry en
dc.subject creative writing en
dc.title VOLT Volume 18, 2013 en
dc.type Journal issue en

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