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Recent Submissions

  • Saephan, Chio; Waugh, Eric (Department of Engineering Science, Sonoma State University, 2014-05)
    The objective of this project is to design a cellular enabled and modular system that can monitor conditions of its surrounding environment and relay that data to an end user. A system such as this is applicable for ...
  • Reeder, Jeffrey (Department of Modern Languages, Sonoma State University, 2014)
    Contributors: Momoyama Arreola / Enedina Esparza de Avelar / Dámaris C. Caro / Sirley Castillo / Raúl E. Castro / Olivia Park / Janna L. Drummond / Joy Muth Fackenthall / Megan Flores / Christine Garrabrant / Brian Montgomery ...
  • Zaum 18 
    Unknown author (Department of English, Sonoma State University, 2014)
    Contents: S.K.W. / Smiths Ken Words -- Larry Narron / First Words -- Colin James Sturdevant / A Lecture From Utah -- Nicole De Leon / Exegesis -- Mary-Madison Baldo / Burtonesque -- Inga Lynn / Art Show -- Emily Grelle / ...
  • Keller, Keith Brian (Department of History, Sonoma State University, 1994)
    Purpose of the Study: First, to examine the historical context in which the philosopher William James developed "The Moral Equivalent of War" theory. Secondly, to find historical examples of "Moral Equivalence." ...
  • Unknown author (The Writing Center, Sonoma State University, 2013)
    Contents: Sham / Madison Baldo -- Tenacious / Shelby Hotz -- Gift From the Gods / Shelby Hotz -- Haikus for Animals / Shelby Hotz -- Left Side of the Wall / Shelby Hotz -- The Last Pure Drop / Shelby Hotz -- Haikus / ...