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Recent Submissions

  • Visioner 
    Schut, Mollie Bryn (Department of English, Sonoma State University, 2015)
    Mira Huntra is a fifteen-year-old girl who struggles to reconcile her identity with the literal visions of the future that plague her dreams. When she discovers that her missing mother not only possessed the same gift, ...
  • Howard, Crystal (Department of Kinesiology, Sonoma State University, 2015)
    Although there has been an increase in female participation in sport since the enactment of Title IX in 1972, there has been a dramatic decrease in the number of female head coaches. In 2014, Acosta and Carpenter reported ...
  • Hillman, Rhiannon (Department of English, Sonoma State University, 2015)
    This thesis begins by discussing the origins, historical trajectory, and significant features of Dystopian Literature. Subsequently, it engages with the American culture's current infatuation with young adult dystopian ...
  • Dunn, Daniel (Department of History, Sonoma State University, 2015)
    Purpose of Study: The Peace of God movement of the eleventh century was originally meant to limit knightly violence away from Church lands. The first edicts of the peace movement - no stealing of livestock, no sacking ...
  • Baldwin, Jeff (Visions for Sustainability, 2016)
    As our most complex and intimate relationship with wider environments, food and agriculture provide important opportunities for exploring affective ecologies. Here I re-visit some of the ways that Modern constructs of ...