Rivoire, Suzanne


Suzanne Rivoire, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science.

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Recent Submissions

  • Davis, John D.; Rivoire, Suzanne; Goldszmidt, Moises; Ardestani, Ehsan K. (Exascale Evaluation and Research Techniques Workshop (EXERT), 2011-03)
    Studying the energy efficiency of large-scale computer systems requires models of the relationship between resource utilization and power consumption. Prior work on power modeling assumes that models built for a single ...
  • Rivoire, Suzanne (IEEE Potentials, 2010)
  • Keys, L.; Rivoire, Suzanne; Davis, John D. (International Symposium on Computer Architecture (IEEE), 2010)
    This paper conducts a survey of several small clusters of machines in search of the most energy-efficient data center building block targeting data-intensive computing. We first evaluate the performance and power of ...
  • Rivoire, Suzanne; Shah, M. A.; Ranganathan, P.; Kozyrakis, C.; Meza, J. (IEEE Computer, 2007-12)
    Power consumption and energy efficiency are important factors in the initial design and day-to-day management of computer systems.Researchers and system designers need benchmarks that characterize energy efficiency to ...
  • Economou, D.; Rivoire, Suzanne; Kozyrakis, C.; Ranganathan, P. (International Symposium on Computer Architecture (IEEE), 2006)
    The increasing costs of power delivery and cooling, as well as the trend toward higher-density computer systems, have created a growing demand for better power management in server environments. Despite the increasing ...