Pillai, Murali


Murali Pillai, Professor, Department of Biology; Chair, Health Professions Advisory Committee.

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Recent Submissions

  • Cherr, G. N.; Morisawa, M.; Vines, C. A.; Yoshida, Y.; Smith, E. H.; Matsubara, T.; Pillai, Murali; Griffin, F. J.; Yanagimachi, R. (International Journal of Developmental Biology, 2008)
    Sperm of the Pacific herring are immotile at spawning. Two egg-derived molecules are capable of initiating sperm motility. One is herring sperm activating protein(s) (HSAPs) and the other is sperm motility initiation factor ...
  • Shamseldin, A.; Clegg, J. S.; Friedman, C. S.; Cherr, G. N.; Pillai, Murali (Journal of Shellfish Research, 1997)
    Pacific oysters, Crassostrea gigas, were subjected to heat shock at various temperatures under controlled laboratory conditions. These experiments demonstrated that exposure to sublethal temperatures dramatically enhances ...
  • Vines, C. A.; Griffin, F. J.; Pillai, Murali; Yanagimachi, R.; Hibbard-Robbins, T.; Cherr, G. N. (Proceedings of the International Congress on the Biology of Fishes, 1996)
    The micropyle region of the eggs of Pacific herring (Clupea pallasi) has been shown to play an active role in the activation of herring sperm (Yanagimachi and Kanoh, 1953; Yanagimachi, 1957; Yanagimachi et al., 1992; Pillai, ...