Benito, Carlos


Carlos Benitos, Professor, Department of Economics.

Recent Submissions

  • Benito, Carlos; Sundin, Kathleen (Sonoma State University, 2008)
    The proximity to the city of San Francisco, beautiful landscapes, a rural historical heritage, and progressive institutions for land conservation, have made Marin County an attractive place to live. These very conditions ...
  • Benito, Carlos (Sonoma State University, 2000)
    A large proportion of the 420 million people living in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) have begun the Third Millennium living under conditions of poverty. Near 40% of LAC households are poor and 16% extremely poor ...
  • Benito, Carlos; Camaraota, Anna; Sundin, Kathleen (Sonoma State University, 2008)
    With a stock of near 14,000 horses in 1999, the vibrant equestrian sector of Sonoma is having a large impact on the county economy. At the same times, it is sustaining the green landscape of the county and a traditional ...