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dc.contributor.editor Kittlestrom, Amy
dc.date.accessioned 2017-05-25T18:40:49Z
dc.date.available 2017-05-25T18:40:49Z
dc.date.issued 2017
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10211.3/191817 en
dc.description Welcome to this year’s publication of the best historical writing at Sonoma State University. Our editorial team has worked hard across two semesters to solicit and develop these essays, loosely grouped around the theme of “Changes.” The definition of history as a field of inquiry is the study of change over time, so this theme emerged as a possible way of unifying contributions on different topics across a long geographic and chronological expanse, but the great distinction of this collection is that these essays span not only history, but other disciplines as well. The contributors to this year’s journal started their articles as papers submitted to courses in history, anthropology, political science, and more, demonstrating that the human experience remains a unifier across so many divides of discipline, culture, and ideology. This volume, then, represents good writing from around the university. The editorial team fielded many submissions and selected these exemplars owing to the high quality of the research, writing, and thinking that went into them as well as their reach across human history. Our editorial team has arranged them chronologically, beginning with an imaginative recreation on Neanderthal life and including stops in ancient China, medieval Scandinavian, the pre-Columbian Iberian peninsula, and the modern Middle East, all the way to the contemporary United States, where industrial food and Disney fantasies compete for American consumers’ allegiance. In no way can such a tour be comprehensive, but readers may taste a variety of cultures and times here, including a fictional foray into Vietnam. Thanks to the editorial team of students who saw this work through with a combination of vision, diligence, and professionalism, and to the authors who trusted the team with their submissions and responded to editorial criticisms with maturity and a devotion to progress. This is an entirely student-produced journal: every comma, stylistic element, footnote, and flourish of design was executed by an undergraduate member of Sonoma State University, demonstrating the ongoing high standards of a community devoted to public education. Thanks also to the faculty members from various departments who taught their students well enough and raised their standards high enough to foster excellent achievements. Finally, thanks to the History Department, the School of Social Sciences, and especially our longstanding donors Mike and Sheila McQuillen for backing their beliefs in the importance of good historical writing with the financial sponsorship without which this work would be impossible. This journal was created across one of the most pivotal junctures in American history, as the presidential election of November 2016 created a divide across which old truisms cannot stand. At a moment when the nation appears sundered over the most crucial basic questions of governance and citizenship, it is a source of great consolation to me that at least here, a devotion to truth and excellence survives. Happy reading! Amy Kittelstrom Professor of History Faculty Advisor to the History Journal en_US
dc.description.abstract Contents: Neanderthals in a Croatian Cave - Allison LeLaurin; Struggles of a Neolithic Egyptian - Danielle Tait; Buddhism in Early China - Karina Roche; Faithful Traditions - Xandy Novack; Redefined Heresy - Cindy Gonzalez; Iconographic Reactions: How Thor’s Hammer Was Influenced by the Christian Cross in Viking Age Scandinavia - Solina Larum; A History of Iberian Maritime Innovation - Jack Murphy; Change Is Good: How Native and Colonial Groups Responded to Adversity in California - Scott Steinberg; Exploring Japanese Colonial Legacy on South Korean Education - Frank Bae; The Rohingya Refugee Crisis - Patrick Fennell; The Language of Genocide - Janett Leetz; Photography and History - Emily Wendt; Myanmar Democratic Transition: Between the Military and the Civilian Government? - Martin Roy; “Infiltrators” of the Zionist Dream: Eritrean Refugees In Israel - Devin Ruddick; The River Boat Soldier - Leeann Tedrow; Language in Education: How Inequality in K-12 Education Impacts Higher Education - Susannah Littlewood; Where's my Pop Tart? How the Federal Government Changed the Cafeteria - Kristine Harbin; From Wholesome to Whoresome: The Moral of the Pop Princess Story - Gina Gacad; Contemporary Globalization and Computer-Mediated Communication - Bryce Williams en_US
dc.format.extent 340 en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher Sonoma State University en_US
dc.subject history en_US
dc.subject Neanderthals en_US
dc.subject Croatia en_US
dc.subject Egypt en_US
dc.subject Neolithic period en_US
dc.subject Eritrea en_US
dc.subject Israel en_US
dc.subject Zionism en_US
dc.subject Myanmar en_US
dc.subject photography en_US
dc.subject genocide en_US
dc.subject colonialism en_US
dc.subject refugees en_US
dc.subject Rohingya en_US
dc.subject education en_US
dc.subject South Korea en_US
dc.subject Iberian peninsula en_US
dc.subject Scandinavia en_US
dc.subject Norse mythology en_US
dc.subject Thor en_US
dc.subject religious heresy en_US
dc.subject pop culture en_US
dc.subject globalization en_US
dc.title Sonoma State University History Journal 2016/2017 en_US
dc.type Journal Issue en_US
dc.contributor.department Department of History en_US

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