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dc.contributor.advisor Halle, Chris en
dc.contributor.author Spott, Tyler en
dc.contributor.author Weiss, Tyler en
dc.date.accessioned 2016-09-19T22:11:09Z en
dc.date.available 2016-09-19T22:11:09Z en
dc.date.issued 2016 en
dc.identifier.citation Spott, Tyler and Tyler Weiss. 2016. Mobile Data Logger. Department of Engineering Science, Sonoma State University. en
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10211.3/177302 en
dc.description.abstract Imagine wanting to study how the microclimate changes throughout a large area of land. Typically you would need to put various sensors all along the property. Retrieving the data from each sensor would require gaining physical access and manually extracting a memory card. With multiple sensors, manually finding and connecting each sensor to a computer is a very inefficient use of time. Time wasted means resources and money lost. A sensor could be high up in a tree, down in a ravine, or across a river; it would be impractical to remove the memory card from each sensor every time you needed to gather data. This problem can be experienced throughout nature preserves, national parks, large agricultural farms, and any other large areas that need to be monitored over time. We are creating a simpler and wireless way to gather data with a self-sufficient data- gathering sensor, and a mobile device that gathers and stores the data from the sensor. When the mobile device is within close proximity to the sensor, an automatic data transfer is induced and stored to the mobile/ back-pack housed device. This would allow for streamlined data gathering from hard to reach sensors, making for a faster and easier process. en
dc.language.iso en_US en
dc.publisher Department of Engineering Science, Sonoma State University en
dc.relation.uri http://spott79.wix.com/spott-weiss en
dc.subject microclimates en
dc.subject data sensors en
dc.subject wireless data sensors en
dc.subject mobile data loggers en
dc.subject environmental monitoring en
dc.title Mobile Data Logger en
dc.type Student Research en
dc.contributor.sonomaauthor Spott, Tyler en
dc.contributor.sonomaauthor Weiss, Tyler en
dc.description.degree B.S. en

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